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Finding the perfect wedding photographer for you, is about more than just choosing the most expensive photographer you can afford. It’s about finding a company who see’s photography the way you do. What we’re really excited about is that we think we’ve brought our packages to a point where they’re within reach of many couples. to us, it’s not about being the most expensive, it’s about having the biggest impact. We’re sure that offering our creative photography at affordable packages that are reachable to many brides, is the way to go!

We like simplicity! we like it when things are easy to figure out. and that’s why we’ve put together 3 simple packages: our Signature, Premium, and Introductory packages. Have a look below at which package might be the right fit for your needs.

signature package

Our signature package is what we’re all about all in one shiny package. it’s our favorite way to shoot a wedding, because we’ve got the tools we need to unleash our creative potential. Having two photographers and a lighting assistant means if you’re a fan of the storytelling perspective we are so passionate about, and really want to capture each emotion of the day, our signature package is the best bet for you! this is HDR UK Photos in all of our awesome-ness.

Premium Package

Sure that fancy signature package looks nice, but maybe the price is just not in reach for you. that’s ok, it why we made our premium package! Our premium package gives us the tools we need to still create amazing photos that tell the story of YOU and your wedding day. With two photographers, we’re where we need to be, when we need to be there, capturing every detail that makes you special and each moment of your special day as it unfolds.

Introductory package

Basically this is our basic package. it’s simply quite simple. One photographer but still with the creativity and storytelling mindset that our Signature team is known for. Sure upgrading with all the bells and whistles is going to be a fancier option – but hey, we know how expensive it can be to plan a wedding! and that’s why we put this package together. Basic enough to fit in the budget, but still Signature enough to tell your story. If you’re as passionate about your photography capturing your story as we are, this probably isn’t the right package for you. But if you’re on a budget, we know budget comes first, and our introductory package surely is the right fit for you. What if I’m “just looking?” well it’s a pretty important decision, so take your time! The last thing we want to do is rush you into making a decision when you’re not ready to do so! but let’s be real, unless we get the conversation started together, it’s all really just a guess. once we chat together, we can answer all of those questions you have, about our packages, pricing, styles, culture, and just about anything else. It’s an important decision, and there’s no rush, but if you’re going to be thinking about this decision, might as well have all of the info you need to make the best decision. Let’s get started today chatting together, and we can answer any questions you have for us.

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How it works

The 1st step is going from internet-land to real-world. fill out the form below, and we’ll get a chance to chat. the 2nd step is chatting on the phone together.  It’s about opening the door of communication together, the communication that is the beginning of developing a relationship between us as the storytellers, and you as the special people we get to tell a story about! We’ll answer any basic questions about packages and pricing over the phone. then comes the 3rd step, sitting down together. Come by our office, let’s have some coffee and cake pops as we chat. This relationship is how we’ll get to know you, what makes you unique and special. Then we can apply that to your wedding photography and tell a story, a unique story, that captures you, your wedding, and all in its full unique detail.

David & Amy’s Wedding Coverage:

HDR UK Photos has many popular sponsors all around the world, and this year we decided to share the work we did with one of them. One of our clients, David & Amy decided to use the services provided by us and our sponsored Limousine rental companies. We have been working very closely with this company for over 4 years now and our clients have had nothing but positive things to say about them. Referring quality service providers to our clients is extremely important to us because we can provide a sense of quality control not only for our clients but for ourselves.


About Our Sponsor:

They booked with LA Limousine and we got some great shots of the bride and groom along with the beautiful vehicle LA Limo provided the client. David & Amy decided to book their beautiful Rolls Royce Ghost sedan & Cadillac Escalade Limousine. They have a fleet of over 20 vehicles so you can rest assured they will have a suitable vehicle for your event. Here is a great photo we captured of the bride and groom posing next the vehicle from LA Limousine.

Limo Service Los Angeles

More Info:

We have resources to many wedding vendors all over the united states. When inquiring about our services feel free to ask about others you may need for your even. David & Amy purchased our signature photography package and bundled it with a Limo rental from Limousine Service Los Angeles saving hundreds of dollars! We make booking venues, DJ’s, photographers, transportation, catering, and many more a breeze!