About HDR Photo

What we do

To us, photography is about storytelling. we’re a different type of photography company. we’re not here to boast about the hours we spend in Photoshop or our proficiency with special effects. We’re focused on capturing the story of you and your wedding day. The real you, and the real emotions of your wedding day. We’re passionate about your story, what makes you special and unique. We think photography offers an exceptional opportunity to capture this story, one that is often missed by photographers focused on “cool shots” and “special effects”. Our goal is to be present, feel the energy, tell your story, and capture what makes you special, unique, quirky, and different. We think you deserve nothing less on your wedding day. don’t you agree?

Who We Are

HDR TEAMWe’re a passionate group of photographers, working together to create something new in wedding photography. We’re young, excited, and spend our days learning more about how to perfect our art, both our technical photography art and our philosophies surrounding our storytelling and emotion capturing art. As a part of the HDR UK Photo family, we have a unique opportunity to work closely with filmmakers, expanding our perspective of what it means to tell the story of a bride and groom and their wedding day. And even more importantly, the people who they are when they’re not dressed up as a bride and groom. We know you’re more than that, and our goal is to capture the story of who you really are on a deeper level, in our photos.

What Makes Us Different

Have a look around our site, have a look at the way we display the stories of our clients in a way that really captures who they are, and what the emotions of their wedding day was like. To us, this is the pinnacle of wedding photography. not everyone see’s things the way we do, and that’s ok. But to us there’s no other way to shoot a wedding, than where we’re capturing the story of who we’re shooting, capturing the unique emotions of their day, and bringing it all together to present what makes them special, unique, and different.

We’re Storytellers

Ok so by now you probably get the idea that we think we’re pretty different than the other photographers out there. You get that we see things from a different perspective, and think we’re way ahead of the game. But what does that really mean for you? That’s the most important question of all. and to make it simple, when your photography team is focused on telling the story of what makes you special, unique, and different, your wedding photos will bring your personalities to light in a way other photographers could never dream of. Your photos will capture the emotions of what you, your family, and friends, are experiencing on your wedding day. What could be better than that?

Get To Know Us

We talk a big game, but we’re ready to walk the walk too! Let’s sit down together, grab some coffee, or enjoy some yummy cake pops together. we want to get to know you, and not just get the details of your wedding day timeline. We want to get to know the real you and we want you to get to know the real us! This is a special connection, and there’s no time like now to get started. When you fill out the form below, it will be the first step in getting the ball rolling, and we promise, no pressure here. just passionate, inspired, and helpful people, who are excited to help tell the story of you and your wedding day!

Storytellers: you’re special, you’re different, and our passion is capturing that in your wedding photos. Your wedding photos should capture more than a bride and groom. They should capture you, and your story. creative photojournalism: as creative storytellers, our goal is to capture the essence, the story, the emotion, of your wedding day. Our goal is to incorporate the philosophies of photojournalism to your wedding day. Customer care: at the end of the day, our job revolves around making you happy. We do our best on a creative level to produce the best possible product, but understand that this starts and ends with providing for your needs.

Building friendships: our relationship together has meaning to us. We get attached to your story, the story of who you are. On we’re dedicated to keeping that relationship with you.