Photography Styles

Our Photography Styles

Wedding photo stylesWe believe wedding photography should be about storytelling. We’re storytellers, photojournalists, and love seeing a story and capturing each moment’s uniqueness in our photos. It’s our passion and what makes us different. We believe in a natural, emotional, and raw feel to photography. Sure we edit our wedding photos, but our belief is that the story and emotion being captured should make the photo beautiful, and the editing should just be a touch up, not the reason why the photo looks great. We don’t think there’s a better way to capture a wedding, than through emotion. It’s what we strive for in our photography and it’s why we’re passionate about capturing the story of YOU through our camera lens, capturing the emotion of each moment, to last for a lifetime.

What they mean to us

In one word, our photos are about “you”. We don’t mean the you that’s stressing out about your upcoming wedding, or whether the DJ will remember to play the right song for the first dance. We mean the you that is unique and different, who likes cuddling on the couch with hot chocolate in hand, or who is exhilarated by the feeling of ocean air hitting your face while running on the beach. We want to capture your free spirit, your complex mind. Whatever it is that makes you, you, we want to capture in our photojournalistic style of taking photos. Our photos are about your quirks, about your journey on your wedding day, and how both you and your fiancé’s quirks make your relationship so unique and special. When things get crazy it’s hard to remember each emotion you experience throughout the day, and that’s why our photography is different, why it is special. It’s what capturing a story, capturing emotion in photos, means to us.

Alexis & Doug – First Dance the three main wedding video styles

Every couple is different, and we know what you like might not be the same as what another couple likes. That’s why we like options! But as always, we try to keep things simple. there’s no difference in price between the styles, we just want to make sure we fully understand what you’re looking for, so that we can be sure to deliver it.

Read about our 3 different styles below: the photo journalism style

We are storytellers. We are photojournalists. This is who we are as photographers and it’s how we like to shoot weddings. We offer other styles if this isn’t right for you, but this is really what we are all about as photographers. All of our HDR UK Photos photographers must be experienced photojournalists to be a part of our photography team. Photojournalism is the idea that each image captures a moment in time, captures the story of what is happening in that moment. In photojournalism, our storytelling is unleashed. We have the opportunity to capture your wedding as it unfolds, telling the story of YOU and what makes you and your wedding unique, through the power of imagery.

Many of our brides love our work, but are looking for a more traditional way to keep their memories. The traditional wedding photography style focuses more on the posed, traditional shots. The idea here is photos that are less focused on storytelling, and more on getting the right shot for the traditional wedding photo album. Sure we’re still creative here, but we go into these weddings with more of a focus on getting the posed shots we need, than capturing the uniqueness and story as it unfolds.

If you’re really not interested in the idea of photojournalism, and aren’t looking to have all of the posed “traditional wedding shots”, yet still need your wedding covered, our event coverage style is likely for you. this is a much more simple, out of your way, approach to capturing what happened, on more of an “observer” level. Usually the focus here is less on the bride and groom, and more on the wedding, the guests, and everything happening at the event. sure it’s not as exciting as the photojournalism option, but we know that not everyone is looking for the newest style of creative photography, and some just want the basics. If so, this is the way to go. (choose our Premium or Introductory packages if this is what you’re looking for)don’t panic!

Well we’re pretty glad if you’ve read all the way down to here! And we promise, you don’t have to panic, it’s really all a whole lot more simple than it sounds. We know there’s a ton of options, and that you may not have a clue yet what’s best for your wedding day. That’s all totally fine! the best way to get started, is to start chatting together. give us a call, or lets schedule a time to sit down in person at the office. We’re available anytime! Just go ahead and fill out the form below and let’s get started in telling the story of your wedding day.